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"I Love to Singa"
(Warner Bros, 1936)


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Sound Quiz Answer!

For those he also thought it was a feline, I'm sorry to say it wasn't...
Check out this video (minute 1:03)

To my surprise I found out some time ago,
that some snakes (King Cobra and Rat snakes) are able to growl when threatened.

Generally a typical snake hiss has a broad-frequency span (~3,000 to 13,000 Hz) with a dominant frequency near 7,500 Hz, whereas the "growl" of the king cobra consists of frequencies below 2,500 Hz, with a dominant frequency near 600 Hz.)

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Finally arrived...The first Sound Quiz!!

Hi everyone!
As promised we'll give you the chance to answer this "simple" sound quiz.
We challenge you to find out which animal produces this sound...

The correct answer will be published on 10 days!
Good luck!

Which animal do you think produces this sound?


Sounds & Nature

The Kookaburra "Laugh"

Some of you may heard about a bird called Kookaburra...This australian bird has a particular "call" when it has to stablish its territory.
One bird starts with a low, hiccuping chuckle, then throws its head back in cacophonous laughter, often several others join in.
If a rival tribe replies, the whole family soon gathers with ringing laughter.

Here you'll hear just one kookaburra:

An interesting thing happens when more than one bird makes this sound.

The sum of both "calls" beat in a way that causes a hilarious laugh
...chek it out...

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Our first post It will be, of course, about one of our most favorites cartoons:
"One Froggy Evening"